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Birdseye Maple
Birdseye Maple
Species available in the following models of Mayones guitars and basses:
See the guitar or bass, which uses a Birdseye Maple wood :

Birdseye Maple

Other names: Birdseye Hard Rock Maple, Birdseye Sugar Maple

Latin name: Acer saccharum

Density: ca. 735 kg/m3

One of the most valued variation of this wood is called Bird's eye maple. In addition to its interesting texture it is also exceptionally hard, rigid yet still resilient. Hardness and intriguing pattern of wood veins is also not without influence on tonal character of such necks and fretboards. They feature slightly smaller share of the upper highs and a slightly softer attack, while maintaining long sustain sound throughout the frequency range.
Eye maple fingerboards improve articulation of instruments. Bird's eye maple is especially recommended for instruments with quick response on both treble and bass strings.
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