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Karnivool's Mark Hosking joins Mayones!
Regius 6 Core - NEW!
Tom Searle & Adam Christianson - Architects
Alissia Benveniste and her Comodous 5 Aged Gold
John Browne (Monuments) and the new Mayones Duvell 7 Elite
New Wojtek Pilichowski Signature bass - Custom Pi Slap Machine!
True Temperament Frets - Now Available on all 6 and 7 string guitars!
Periphery's Mark Holcomb uses Mayones Setius!
Misha Mansoor - Regius 6 Claro Walnut
Sylvain Coudret - Soilwork
Hadrien Feraud
TESSERACT - Acle Kahney and Regius 7 Gothic Baritone - Artist Series
Federico Malaman and his Mayones Jabba 4 Custom
Nathan East
See all
Ladies and Gents, let's welcome Mark Hosking from Karnivool in the MayPlayer family!
Check out amazing Mayones Basses - Jabba, Comodous, Elegance, Patriot, Prestige, Slogan, Victorious, Caledonius, Sonorious, Be, and Signature SeriesSee incredible Mayones Guitars - Regius, Setius, Legend, Maestro, Virtuoso, and Signature SeriesMeet Guitarists and Bassists who play our wonderful instruments - join them!
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